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get freaky - Freaks, Geeks, and Sex Machines

About get freaky

Previous Entry get freaky Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 02:38 pm Next Entry
What's up...let me begin
freaks like me find nothing a sin.
You know whose hot?...
A Burn victim in a wheelchair,
Bored tonight, use a road flare.
I'm getting funky like I'm supposed too,
and I feel the need to get real nude.
Yeah love, and the need to get along,
oil, screams and a funky d-flow song.
Where's the oil?, creme corn will do...
crunchy peanut butter and scooby doo.
If your a freak then think about Shaggy
as you feel the goal that I hit.
pinto beans, olive oil, carrots or bisquick.
love has so many possibilities
one leg and no ears still has capabilities.
Oh sorry, have I been a freak so far?...
freaky as hitting a tranny in a stolen car?.
What do you mean by freak, is it a geek by nature?,
or is it a funky-freaker, a clown masturbator.
if I'm sick then I apologize and back away,
But doesn't everyone think about the funky lay?.
Squeezy cheese enemas and french kissing with frito-lays.
bubble-butt slapping and inflatable mama cass,
Burning hot sauce and cool whip soothes the ass.
Digital lovers, Yo Humpty Hump is my hero,
smooth knocking a ho like my icon Monnster Zero.
Licking toes just like the Bros,
She was funky with last week.
Doing it all nasty style, strawing JD from the sink.
Freaky food f-ing original, gotta go but if we don't meet,
i wish you love, peace, and a sticky bed sheet.
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