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Freaks, Geeks, and Sex Fiends
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Freaks, Geeks, and Sex Fiends!!!

This community is for everyone who isn't normal. This is a -LBGTT,fetish,race,gender- friendly place!!!
Post whatever you like. Seriously. Try to shock us. Freaky art, geeky jokes, fetish stuff, crazy music and poetry, websites you've found. Photos are highly encouraged, ESPECIALLY "fun" photos of yourself. Take this community as your daily fun stop for all your secrets and weird passtimes. Be free of inhibitions. No one will chastise you here, or they'll get kicked out. DON'T HOLD BACK!

Just a few minor rules:

-Use a photo web service for pics like Photobucket.com or whatever else you find that you like. Just try to keep photos under a cut, and not huge.

-LJ cut anything that's not work safe, kid safe, etc. Common sense.

-No solicitation unless it's for another related community or a free website or a personal project. Bands, art galleries, parties, personal sites are OK. No pay porn.


Your Moderator: My name is Stephanie, and I'm a 22 year old bisexual engaged girl from Rhode Island, USA. As you can guess, I'm nuts. I love crazy people. My LJ is rubbachickengrl, so hook me up!